The Passage

Raja Ampat dive site

nudibranchThe Passage Raja Ampat dive site is a 25 metre wide stretch of water between Gam Island and Waigeo Island. The coral reef starts just below the surface and descents to around 35m.

The passage is usually dived as a drift dive because the currents can be strong. However there are sheltered areas where it is possible to stop and have a hunt around. There are also caves and coral framed archways to have a look into.

Tassled wobbegong sharks can be seen laying under ledges.

Octopus hide in coral crevices, as do moray eels. Lionfish and scorpionfish are numerous.

Oriental sweetlips hide under coral ledges. Emperor angel fish and masked butterfly fish are just a couple of other species on display. Critters like nudibranchs, flatworms, gobies, blennies and crustaceans are plentiful. Out in the current, reef sharks can be seen. So too can pelagic species such as large tuna, barracuda and trevally. Visibility is good, around 20-30m.

A small rock dive site nearby is called Nudibranch Rock. That’s because of the large variety of colourful nudibranchs and flatworms that are found there.