Raja Ampat Dive sites

snappersFabiacet is 15 hours sail south west of Sorong by liveaboard. The series of four tiny islands, two of them no more than rocks, run in a chain to the south east of Misool. The remoteness contributes to the “untouched” beauty and the feeling that you are the first diver to dive here.

These dive sites offer the possibility to see anything, from the rarest blennie, to great hammerhead sharks coming up from the deep.

Pinnacles and submerged plateaus around the islets are surrounded by deep water and currents can be strong. Visibility is usually excellent, 30-40 metres.

Pelagic fish are common including schools of yellowtail barracua and big eye trevally. Tuna and mackeral also hunt here. Rainbow runners pass divers in speeding squadrons. The occasional reef shark and Napoleon wrasse are also seen.

Schools of snapper come in several varieties here including midnight, red, black and white, humpback and one spot snapper. Butterflyfish include masked, striped and copperband. They all jostle for reef space with schools of fuslier, surgeonfish and wrasse.

Coral coverage on the walls is superb. There are fine examples of gorgonian seafans which are complemented by hard and soft corals as well as barrel sponges, sea whips and feather stars. Photographers get some awesome wide angle shots and, like most other Indonesia dive sites, the macro life is abundant too.