Halmahera diving

masked butterfly fishHalmahera is the new “in” dive destination in Indonesia. It’s the place that everyone is talking about but few divers have actually visited the region yet. That’s because of it’s isolation.

Halmahera is located in between North Sulawesi and West Papua, to the north of Ambon and is reached by liveaboard boats departing from either Manado city or Sorong.

However at this time there are very few liveaboards doing the trip. Some boats have one or two trips per season scheduled. The Halmahera sea is often dived as a transit trip between Manado and Sorong.

From the diving that is being done there, reports are highly encouraging. Divers talk of even more diversity than Raja Ampat, and that’s saying something. They claim superb visibility, large schools of fish, pelagics and amazing macro.

No conclusive surveys have yet been done to back up these claims. But given the location and the pedigree of all the surrounding dive sites on Irian Jaya, the Banda Sea and Sulawesi, the thought of diving Halmahera makes the mouth water.

What is certain is that pioneering Indonesia liveaboard operators will be making more voyages to Halmahera in the near future.

There is also a Halmahera dive resort, the Weda resort, North Maluka.