Montehage Island diving

barracudaMontehage Island is a large island to the north of Bunaken Island which is also blessed with spectacular wall dives.

The fringing reefs of Bango to the south and Tangkasi to the east have very healthy and colourful coral coverage, and many schools of reef fish. On the west side of the island, Gorango is a long wall dive which makes a pleasant drift dive.

To the north west is Barracuda Point, Montehage Island’s premier dive site. It’s famous for, yes you guessed it, barracuda.

Large schools of chevron barracuda circle in tightly packed swirls of silver just away from the wall in the blue water. Currents can be very strong on this dive site.

Nain island diving

Nain Island is the northernmost island in the Bunaken National Marine Park group and offers more spectacular deep walls for divers to enjoy. Big fish encounters are always a possibility here. Hammerhead sharks have been seen as have pilot whales. More common are pelagics like barracuda, trevally, mackeral and tuna. Reef sharks are common and the fringing reefs are covered with schools of reef fish.

Technical divers can dive the large pinnacle here that starts at 40 metres and has caves at 60 metres.