Pulau Karaka

Banda Sea dive site

nudibranchPulau Keraka (Crab Island) is a small lighthouse rock at the entrance to the Banda Neira Strait. It is a shallow dive with a maximum depth of just 23m and currents are mild. Visibility is not as good as other Banda Sea dive sites, usual 10-15m.

Pulau Keraka is less of a big fish dive site but divers who appreciate the diversity of the waters here will be able to record hundreds of different reef fish and crustacean species in their logbooks.

As with all Banda dive sites, schools of reef fish like blue lined snapper, red tooth triggerfish, butterflyfish and fusilier are abundant. Divers will also see bannerfish, angelfish, wrasse and several species of moray eel.

Kuhl’s stingrays can be seen in the sand as can patches of black spot garden eels. Many species of nudibranch can be found of the wall and coral bommies.

On night dives at Pulau Keraka look out for decorator crabs, hermit crabs and anemone crabs as well as slipper lobster and painted rock lobster. Hingebeak shrimp eyes reflect orange in the darkness. Moray eels swim freely. Parrotfish sleep in their protective cocoon.