Karang Hatta

Banda Sea dive site

black tip reef sharkKarang Hatta is a coral atoll off the south coast of Hatta Island and is a dive not to be missed. The reef here starts shallow but slopes down beyond 40m. There is no need to go deep to see the fish though. That’s because the entire reef is so full of fish so thick you will not be able to see the way ahead.

Shoals of fusiliers, snappers and surgeonfish seem to block your path, only to part as you swim through and close ranks again behind you.

It is possible to see blacktip reef sharks, swimming along the west side wall. Plus white tip reef sharks resting on the bottom. Turtles are common as are large wrasse and titan triggerfish.

In the blue look out for giant barracuda and giant trevally. Schools of dog tooth tuna threaten the smaller fish. Eagle rays and devil rays often show up for a plankton feed. Lucky divers may get to see scalloped hammerheads.

As you would expect from a dive site with so much pelagic action, Karang Hatta is subject to strong currents. So it is not a dive for beginners. Visibility averages around 25m and can be better.