Gunung Api

Banda Sea Dive sites

moray cleaner shrimpGunung Api is a small volcanic island located to the west of Banda Neira and is another “must dive” in the Banda Sea.

When the volcano last erupted in 1988, lava flows destroyed the reef. But since then the regeneration of the hard coral reef on top of the solid lava platform has been phenomenal. It has amazed scientists with the speed of growth.

Huge fields of table corals and cabbage leaf corals are packed together with other hard coral species filling every available space.

Large schools of fish cover the reef including snapper, fusilier, butterflyfish and batfish. Longnose hawkfish can be seen in gorgonian seafans.

A more unusual species are the black triggerfish which are numerous here. Napoleon wrasse can be seen as can clown triggerfish.

Pelagics to look out for include dogtooth tuna, and bluefin trevally. Mobula rays also visit the reef on occasion.