Secret Bay Bali diving

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bobbit wormGilimanuk is on the western tip of Bali close the the Java ferry terminal. It has a wonderful shallow dive spot that has become famous as a world class muck diving site and is secret no more.

The very shallow bay has an average depth of about 5 metres and there are a couple of sand islands inside the bay called Pulau Kalong and Pulau Burung.

There is no real coral reef, just black sand and the visibility is low, sometimes less than 5 metres. There is some litter in the water and some cement blocks which would not normally be the diving conditions of choice. But Secret bay is a nursery for small fish and weird macro critters. They thrive in the nutrient rich waters which are brought in on the tide from the Bali Strait.

Secret bay diving conditions are similar to that of Lembeh Strait. Although the diving is not as good as that amazing Sulawesi dive destination it is still excellent, and macro photographers can spend hours taking shots here.

There are no real currents at Secret bay so anyone can dive here although you need good buoyancy control. That’s so you don’t disturb the bottom and therefore reduce visibility to zero. Secret bay tends to bbe more popular with experienced critter hunting divers. If you are a beginner diver may prefer the clear water reefs in other areas of Bali.


Secret bay critters

Critters to hunt for include ornate ghost pipe fish and cockatoo leaf fish plus blue crabs, snake eels and bobbit worms. You can find cardinal fish around sea urchins. Bearded scorpionfish can be seen as can the less common devil scorpionfish. Look for large hairy frogfish as they waddle along the bottom.

Dragonets can be seen on the bottom and the very eagle eyed diver may spot a Pegasus sea moth. Nudibranchs are numerous and divers can normally find a couple of seahorses. Goat fish can be seen scavenging on the bottom and moray eels poke out from their holes.