Permuteran Bali diving

Bali dive sites

Mandarin fishPemuteran, in the north west of Bali, has three outer reefs plus a house reef. Currents are weak and the water is warm. So you can have a pleasant dive whatever level of diver you are. You can find many rare macro critters here.

The House Reef was very badly damaged by the 1998 El Nino. So in 2001 the Global Coral Reef Alliance, in partnership with Yos Marine dive centre started an artificial reef project. They sunk various structures with live coral samples attached.

The artificial reef is stimulated with electricity to promote growth and the area is buoyed and roped off to prevent fishing. So far the coral growth has been impressive and fish stocks are growing.

You can dive around the reef to see the results of this conservation success story. The reef can be a very good night dive. Mating mandarin fish can often be seen dancing above the reef at dusk.

Offshore from Pemuteran are three dive sites lined up along a coral bank. The sloping reefs have soft and hard corals, sponges and gorgonian seafans. The reefs start at just 5m below the surface and slope down beyond 30m.

Close Encounter is a good dive site where you can see larger pelagics, like barracuda, tuna and mackerel. You can also see Bluefin Trevally in the blue. And pygmy seahorses can be found in the pink gorgonians at Napoleon Reef.

Nearby at 22 metres is a sunken wreck of a 16 metre long dive boat.