Padang Bay Bali diving

Bali dive sites

clown fishPadang Bay, or Padangbai as it is often spelled, has several excellent dive sites nearby.

If you are an inexperience diver it offers easy diving with mild currents but the reef is also of interest if you are more experienced.

The fringing reef in the bay starts at 10 m then slopes down to the sand at 40 m. As you descend the reef is carpeted with anemones which are full of anemone fish. You’ll also see seafans, feather stars and sponges.

Schools of sweetlips, bannerfish and snapper are common. You should also spot moray eels and pufferfish. Stingrays can be found in the sand.

The Padang bay jetty is a great shore dive if you like spotting macro critters. It also makes an interesting night dive. Look for stonefish, scorpionfish, lionfish and octopus.

In the neighbouring bay, strangely called the Blue Lagoon, a patch reef (which is predominately staghorn coral) is home to good numbers of reef fish. You can see clown triggerfish here.

Around the headland at Tanjung Sari, you may spot Napoleon wrasse, as well as reef sharks and nurse sharks. In August and September wobbegong sharks are found here. It is also possible if you are lucky to spot oceanic sunfish (mola mola) at certain times of the year.

To the south of Padang Bay, Tanjung Bungsil is a shallow dive site where you can see blue faced angel fish and many other smaller reef fish.