Nusa Dua Bali diving

Bali dive sites

blennyThe Nusa Dua area on the southern tip of Bali does have a few dive sites. However they are nowhere near the best that Bali has to offer. Actually the reason to recommend them is that they are close to the resort areas of Kuta Beach and Sanur. Thus diving here reduces transfer times from your hotel to the dive boat.

For divers who are short of time they offer a chance to get wet and listen to bubbles. Marine life on the Nusa Dua dive sites is ok, however the coral health is better in other areas.

Nusa Dua dive site reefs are suitable for beginner divers and also for training dives That’s because currents are usually mild.

The fringing reefs around Serangan Island slope down to about 20 metres and can be interesting to dive on.

Unusual macro critters can always be found by eagle eyed divers, as they can on all Bali dive sites. Divers can find lionfish and scorpionfish plus blue spotted stingrays may be seen in the sand.

This area has worse visibility than in other parts of Bali, that’s due to boat traffic in the area from Benoa harbour.