Amed Bali diving

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gorgonian sea fanLocated on the north east coast of Bali, Amed’s sloping coral reefs around Cemeluk Bay have impressive fish life. The reefs offer divers more sedate diving than the strong currents experienced in the Lombok Strait. Diving at Amed is suitable for all levels of diver.

The sheltered, north facing bay has shallow hard coral reefs on the east and west sides. They have recovered well from the coral bleaching caused by the 1998 El Nino.

All the usual reef fish can be seen in the staghorn coral. These include black and white snapper, fusilier, parrotfish, flutefish, lionfish, pufferfish and giant morays. You can also find ribbon eels and mantis shrimps on the rubble bottom. You can see blue spotted stingrays hiding in the sand with just their eyed protruding.

Further out of the bay a drop off falls below 50 metres. Mild currents make for a pleasant drift dive. You’ll see soft corals and gorgonian seafans swaying in the current. They are home to schools of reef fish including colourful anthias and damsels. You should also look out for clown triggerfish and lionfish who like to hang around near tube sponges. Larger pelagics species can also be seen here including tuna and blue fin trevally.

Lipah Bay, a few kilometres south east of Cemeluk, has a small steel freighter wreck in 12m of water that is covered with hard and soft corals plus seafans and encrusting sponge. Glass fish sweep over the whole wreck. Eagle eyed divers can find pygmy seahorses here.