Indonesia diving

pygmy seahorse - Indonesia divingWe think that Indonesia diving is probably the best diving in the World. Do you want to see weird and wonderful marine critters that can’t be seen anywhere else? Indonesia is where you should go to find them. Do you want to get away from the diving crowds? There are still many parts of the Indonesian archipelago that are far off the beaten track and a liveaboard can get you to those places.

Do you fancy discovering and naming a new species? You can still find unclassified marine life in Indonesian waters. Indonesia also offers you some of the world’s best value diving. And because the country is spread over such a wide area you can always find great diving somewhere, and at any time of year.

Indonesia covers a vast area with the world’s longest coastline at over 50 thousand kilometres. That’s why Indonesia diving options around the thousands of islands are many and varied

Some places, like the tourist hot spot of Bali, are easily reached and they have full service dive centers. From Bali you can dive in to cool fast currents to see Mola Molas. Or you can swim from the shore at Tulamben to dive the world famous Liberty Wreck.

Just a short ferry ride from Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok offer great diving and beautiful surroundings.

Other areas require more time, and dedication from you to reach. Such as the Togian Islands, Sangalaki or Pulau Weh to give just a few examples. Moving from place to place is not always easy, but the rewards are worth it when you reach an untouched tropical paradise that few people have dived before you.

Liveaboard diving Indonesia

leafy scorpion fishMany Indonesia dive destinations require long liveaboard trips to reach. For example, the islands of Komodo and Flores are best dived by liveaboard. Some areas can only be dived by liveaboard because there are no dive centres, such as the Banda Sea for example.

Irian Jaya has very few resorts and because it is such a large area you can only really cover the region on a long liveaboard trip.


Shore diving Indonesia

crocodile fishIf you don’t like dive boats you can also find some fantastic shore diving in Indonesia. If you take a short flight from Singapore to Manado and you have access to the underwater wonders of the Lembeh Strait and Bunaken Marine Park.

Dive resorts in this area offer world class diving on your doorstep. Lembeh has arguably the best macro diving in the world. Which is why it attracts so many top underwater photographers. They are keen to capture images of critters that are more abundantly seen than at any other dive location.


Indonesia diving guide

What is the climate? Tropical Climate. Average 28°C (82°F)

What is the water Temperature? 20-29°C (68-84°F)

What wetsuit thickness do you need? 3-5 mm.

When should you go? You can dive most areas year round but conditions will be better in certain months. See each area description for details.

What is the water visibility? 10-60 m depending on the location.

What types of diving are there in Indonesia? All sorts! Reefs and deep walls. Sea mounts, pinnacles and wrecks.

What types of marine life can you see? Indonesia has the most bio-diverse ocean reefs in the world for you to explore. You can see anything from giant whale sharks at Cenderawasih bay to amazing macro critters in the Lembeh Strait.

What can you do when you’re not diving?  You can go surfing or jungle trekking. Or how about climb a volcano, or explore a historical site. The list is endless.