Komodo liveaboards

Recommended liveaboards to the Komodo Islands

Komodo liveaboards including diving at Rinca, Flores, Sumbawa.

  • Mermaid 1. Popular high end liveaboard starting and finishing in Bali

  • Moana. Well priced Phinisi liveaboard. Starts and finishes in Labuan Bajo.

  • Mermaid 2. Good value Komodo liveaboard that starts and finishes in Bali

Komodo national park

The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Hertitage site and a New 7 Wonders of The World. The three islands that make up Komodo Islands are Komodo, Padar and Rinca. They are situated 200 miles east of Bali in between the Lesser Sunda Islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara.

komodo diving - Komodo liveaboards

The diving around Komodo is some of the richest in the world with fabulous coral reefs, amazing critters and regular pelagics encounters. There is no such thing as a boring diving in Komodo. Strong currents make for adrenaline filled drift dives and Indonesia’s legendary macro diving makes night dives extra special.

Komodo can be dived all year round but most Komodo liveaboards run from April to December (from December to April they head further east to Raja Ampat).

The Komodo national park is also famous as the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), the largest living species of lizard that can grow up to 3 metres (10 ft) long. Most Komodo liveaboards include a land excursion to see the Komodo dragons.


Komodo Diving Guide. Know the basics

Komodo land temperature:

Tropical Climate. Average 28°C (82°F) . The wet season is December to March, for the rest of the year Komodo is generally dry with hot days and cool evenings.

Komodo water temperature / Wetsuit required:

20-29°C (68-84°F). The water temperature changes depending on location and season.

North Komodo has warm tropical water around 27-28°C (80-82°F) with excellent visibility. A 3mm wetsuit will be fine for most divers.

In south Komodo the water is cooler at 23-24°C (73-75°F) and a full length suit of at least 3mm is recommended. Most divers appreciate a hood. Visibility can be lower in this plankton rich environment but this is where divers will find the amazing critters.

When to go diving to Komodo:

Komodo can be dived year round but the typical Komodo liveaboard season is April to November. June and July are perfect months with flat seas and a few light breeze for cooler evenings. In these months most of the diving will be around north Komodo. In October and November more diving will be in the south. January and February are the wettest and windiest months when waves can be expected.

Komodo water visibility: 10-60 m

Komodo diving types:

Reefs, walls, sea mounts, pinnacles, wrecks. There are dozens of dive sites and the marine environment is different in north and south Komodo.

Komodo dive site descriptions

Komodo diving experience level:

Intermediate to Experienced. Currents are famously strong in the channels between the Komodo Islands.

Komodo marine life:

The most biodiverse reefs in the world fed by a combination of cool Indian ocean currents and warm pacific ocean currents. Pelagic encounters, especially with manta rays. Five species of turtle and at least six species of shark. Amazing macro diving with pigmy seahorse, frogfish, blue ringed octupus, spanish dancers to name just a few. Chance encounters with dolphins nad dudongs are even possible.

After diving:

Komodo dragons, Pink Beach, Sangeang Api volcano, surfing Bali or Sumbawa, Bali culture.